Customs & Central Excise Division, Srinagar Central Excise Division, Jammu Customs Preventive Division, Jammu

Customs & Central Excise Division, Srinagar:


            The Customs & Central Excise Division was created in August 1970. Its territorial jurisdiction consists of whole Kashmir valley and Ladakh. There is only one Central Excise Range in this Division.

Customs formations located at Srinagar are as under:

i)                    Customs Preventive Station, Srinagar.

ii)                   Air Cargo Complex.

iii)                 SFPO (Sub Foreign Post Office).

iv)                 Customs Preventive Station, Nyoma (Ladakh).

Location of Customs & Central Excise Division, Srinagar:

i)      Customs & Central Excise Division, Srinagar, Air Cargo Complex, Customs Preventive Station, Srinagar are situated at Hotel Mini Ikhwan,        Bishamber Nagar, Srinagar.

ii)       Customs Preventive Division, Nyoma is situated at Nyoma (Ladakh).

iii)      Sub-Foreign Post Office is situated at GPO Near Sher-e-Kashmir Park, Residence Road, Srinagar.

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Central Excise Division, Jammu:

            This division was established in the year 1990. Previously the Division was looking after both Customs & Central Excise Work. In the year 1995, a separate Customs Preventive Division was carved out. The Central Excise Division comprises five ranges i.e. Range-I, Range-II, Range-III, Range-IV and Range Kathua.

Jurisdiction of Ranges:

Range -I:               SICOP Industrial Area, Gangyal, Jammu and the entire Jammu province except SIDCO Industrial Complex, Bari Brahmana and Samba Tehsil.

Range -II:              Phase I & EPIP Kartholi SIDCO Industrial Complex, Bari Brahmana.

Range -III:              Phase II SIDCO Industrial Complex, Bari Brahmana excluding EPIP Karthole.

Range  IV:                Phase II Digiana, Birpur from Bari Brahmana to Basantar Bridge.

Range Kathua:            Entire District of Kathua.

Location of Range Offices:

Central Excise Division:           Situated at Office Block 32, Rail Head Complex, Jammu.

Range-I, Range-II, Range-III, Range-IV are situated at  43, Ashok Nagar, Satwari (Jammu).

Range Kathua:            Situated at National Highway Hospital Road, Near Sharma Cement House, Kathua.

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Customs Preventive Division, Jammu:

            The Customs Preventive Division was created on 1.11.1995. the jurisdiction of Customs Preventive Division, Jammu extended to the whole Jammu and Kashmir. With the creation of Jammu and Kashmir Commissionerate, the jurisdiction of this Customs Preventive Division now extends to the whole of Jammu Province. It is situated at Office Block-32, Rail Head Complex, Jammu.

This Customs Preventive Division has six Customs Preventive Stations.

i)                    Customs Preventive Station, Jammu.

ii)                   Customs Preventive Station, Kathua.

iii)                 Customs Preventive Station, Samba.

iv)                 Customs Preventive Station, R.S.Pura.

v)                   Customs Preventive Station, Akhnoor.

vi)                 Customs Preventive Station, Rajouri.

a)                  Customs Preventive Station, Jammu

The jurisdiction of this Customs Preventive Station extends to the revenue Tehsil of Jammu District, revenue district of Udhampur and Doda. International boundary of this Customs Preventive Station is from BOP Gole-Pattan to BOP Garudi.  Important Town under this Customs Preventive station are Jammu, Udhampur, Doda, Bhardwah, Kishtwar, Ramban, Behnial, Batota, Reasi, Mohar, Gole and holly town of Katra. Important border villages are Ghomandsa, Gajunsoo Marh, Kanachak, Chakrali, Balichrana, Bhagtpura, Madalpllan.

b)                  Customs Preventive Station, Kathua.

The jurisdiction of this Customs Preventive Station is the revenue District Kathua.

Lakhanpur the entry point to the State of Jammu & Kashmir is under this C.P.S  International boundary of this customs Preventive Station is from Pharpur Border Observation Post (BOP) to Regal BOP post. Important town under this C.P.S are Kathua, Basholi, Billwar, Hirnagar and important border villages are Kot Punnu, Marheen, Bobya, Loondi, Sherpur, Rajpura and Mawa.

c)                   Customs Preventive Station, Samba.

This jurisdiction covers the entire revenue Tehsil Samba of Jammu District and towards Indo-Pak Border its boundary concedes with Narrowal District of Pakistan. International Boundary of this Customs Preventive Station is from BOP Suchetgarh to Narayanpur BOP. Important Town under this Customs Preventive Station are Samba, Vijaypur and Bari Brahmana. Important villages are Gilar, Ramgarh, Nandpur, Nanga, Rangoor camp, Abtal and Dug.

d)                  Customs Preventive Station, Ranbir Singh pura (R S Pura).

The jurisdiction covers the entire revenue Tehsil of R.S.Pura and Bishna of Jammu District. The most important BOP “Octori post” which is just 6 Kms from R.S.Pura town. This is the intact road link with Pakistan through this BOP and UNO officials are frequently coming and going to Pakistan via this road. For any trade link with Pakistan, this is the viable point International Boundary of this Customs Preventive Station is from BOP Pindi to Sangral BOP. Important Town are R.S.Pura, Bishna and villages are Allah, Arina, Sai, Deblerth, Chokri, Badyal Brahamana, Suchatgarh.

e)                  Customs Preventive Station, Akhnoor.

The jurisdiction of this Customs Preventive Station extends to the revenue Tehsil of Akhnoor in Jammu District and Tehsil Sunderbani of revenue district of Rajouri. This Customs Preventive Station covers both international border as well as line of control with Pakistan. international border is guarded by BSF and LOC guarded by Indian Army. Important Towns under this CPS are are Akhnoor and Sunderbani. Important villages are Jourian, Khor, Hamirpur, Hamirpur Sidhar, Pargywal and New Kanachak.

f)                    Customs Preventive Station, Rajouri.

The jurisdiction of this Customs Preventive Station extends over the entire revenue district of Poonch and Rajouri except Tehsil of Sunderbani. There is no international boundary under this C.P.S. There is only L.O.C and on the other side of the LOC is Mirpur district of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. Important Town are Rajouri, Surankot, Mendahar, Thana Mandi, Lohran Mandi.

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